Our Journey to Our Quiet Success: 9-years in the making.
In December 2015, what started as a small venture evolved into a holding company with numerous small businesses & hundreds of customers. Initially, investment wasn’t our goal—yet as our business expanded, we attracted attention from private equity and venture capital investors. Despite their interest, these experiences often fell short of expectations.

Why Little A & Co.? We're the Buyer We Always Wanted
At Little A & Co., we reversed the private equity playbook. Remembering our own frustrations with complex deals, we simplified the process to offer what founders truly desire: a straightforward, long-term home for their businesses.


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Minority investments
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Our Approach Simplified

Plain Speaking:
Direct and straightforward communication—no jargon, no nonsense.

Culture Preservation:
We protect the unique culture of each company.

Independent Operations:
Our businesses run autonomously, steering clear of forced synergies.

Founder Respect:
Committing to the original vision of the founders.

Positive Environment:
No tolerance for toxicity; we value kindness and professionalism.

We trust our leaders and teams to excel without micromanagement.